Tips for a sustainable (successful) web presence

A good website takes time and investment. Start small, be flexible and grow with your success.
Websites are sales tools and need to offer value to your business. A good website offers a route to market for your information (and products) directly and quickly.
A website needs to be usable, not by you, but by your customerand every visitor to your website will be different.
Design goes hand-in-hand with function and content
Not only design as in branding, but also design of your web interface. Your website needs to look good and be compelling.
Content is king
The Internet has billions of web pages of content, how can you compete for attention?
For a start, you must have a message worth reading. Not just what YOU think is great, but what an audience would regard as worth reading. Your page content needs to be compelling, offer value and it needs to offer a consistent message.
Think about style of writing - Is it readable? Is it friendly? Does it make sense? Also, don't assume that someone understands your industry terms - it could make them feel stupid and it makes them work harder to understand your message. Write for your audience and tell them what they want to know.
On line marketing
Marketing your business using the Internet is one of the most cost-effective ways of getting your message to your audience. Niche markets are becoming more effective because they are so specific. Your potential market could be fragmented but by applying all the other rules here you have a website that is findable and worth reading with specific content.
Your website, and your attitude towards it, needs to be flexible.
A good website needs to be updated regularly to attract attention so it needs to be easy for you to manage.