Choosing The Right Web Host

Choosing The Right Web Host
Even armed with the knowledge of what happens when you choose the wrong host, you may still feel overwhelmed and uncertain on how to choose the best host for your needs.
1. What Are My Hosting Needs?
Figuring out your hosting needs is essential to decide the type of hosting plan required. What type of website is being built; will it be mainly text-based or will it utilise other forms of media? 
2. How Long Am I Tied Into The Contract?
Some hosts offer a huge discount, but you have to pay 2 years in advance. Even if the company offers a guarantee, you may have trouble regaining the funds you've already paid out
3. What Are The Renewal Prices?
Cheap hosting companies use a low price tag to entire new customers to sign up, but then raises the prices when it comes time to renew. 
4. What Will Cause Suspension Of Hosting Account?
Does the hosting company you are looking at claim to offer “unlimited” hosting? "Unlimited" hosting has a limit. 
5. What Does The Hosting Plan Come With?
At a minimum, you’ll want a company that supports FTP, PHP, Perl, SSI, .htaccess, SSH, MySQL, and Cron Tabs
6. What Is The Refund Policy?
Keep in mind that many cheap hosts will claim to offer a money-back guarantee to get your business but to actually collect that money when you have an issue with their service is a totally different matter. 
7. Is The Hosting Environment Easy To Use?
Ask to see a demo if one is not already available and see how easy it is to point a new domain to your site, add folders, upload files and do other everyday tasks
8. Will The Host Help With Site Migration?
If your site is already built and you’re looking for a new company, ask if they will migrate your site to their server for free
9. Does The Server Offer Email Hosting?
While most website hosting providers do offer this feature, it isn’t a given. 
10. Is There A Backup In Case Of A Crash?
Knowing that the server keeps a backup (in case you forget) can give you peace of mind. 
11. What Kind Of Tech Support Is Offered?
Murphy’s Law dictates that your site will go down on a Saturday at 3 in the morning
12. What Is The Hosting Company’s Up time Record?
Nothing below 99.5% up time is acceptable. 
13. How Easy Is It To Upgrade The Website?
If you think your website is going to grow significantly, you’ll want to find a hosting company that will let you move from a shared hosting plan to a VPS seamlessly and then onto a dedicated server one day. 
14. How Stable Is The Company?
Run a background check on the company on your own.
15. Is E commerce Software Provided?
If you plan to offer products, you may want to implement eCommerce on your website.